Our Philosophy

No smoke and mirrors, just things done well

We love tradition but we want to fully innovate it.
Our aim is for our guests to rediscover our grandmothers’ dishes by re-evaluating the textures, flavours and aromas of the past from a modern perspective.

The land that surrounds us is a part of us and a part of our dishes too.

The lure of the country in which we live, in addition to the strong emotions that the lake, mountains and plains convey to us, are a daily constant inspiration for our cuisine.

Good, healthy cuisine.

We sparingly use fats in our preparations, preferring instead to respect the raw materials as much as possible by being attentive to their nutritional value. We use cutting-edge cooking techniques to maximise the taste and flavour of the food, which in turn guarantees a healthy cuisine.

We are always looking for new thoughts and ideas

“I have yet to invent the best dish” A special ingredient, a piece of music, an intuition, a journey… New ideas are brought to the table on a daily basis.

The focus on raw materials and the search to balance the same

The process for sourcing and choosing ingredients is as follows: we first assess the producer’s expertise by visiting the company itself and, if positive results have been obtained from various cooking tests, we then normally endeavour to begin a serious collaboration with the supplier.