An experimenter, perfectionist and advocate of “simple good food.”

I have a childhood memory that I still remember as clear as day.
I used to love watching my mum cook. I would hover around her, trying to help out and would imagine myself inventing the best dishes in the world.
I grew up with this passion and convinced myself that it would one day be my job. For me, cooking is the same as loving: loving what you do by respecting the raw materials, colours and fragrances that nature has bestowed upon us.

I worked hard whilst never losing sight of my goal and now, I have the chance to make my dream come true in the Capolago kitchen.
My dream is a simple one: I want to be able to convey emotions with my dishes and make you feel good while you are eating them.

Today I smile when I think back to my childhood self, because I still act a bit like that in the kitchen. I like to experiment with new dishes in order to give my guests the same joy that I felt back then.

Now, together with Maurizio, I am able to share all this.
He has been my teacher, colleague and now my partner in this new adventure.
He helps make everything simpler and has shown me that even the most challenging obstacle is an opportunity for growth.